Shelby's 30 day challenge

Decisions !

Okay. I have found my purpose... sort of. Because the BuzzFeed articles about the *blank* day challenges are my favorite articles from the platform. I have decided to do the same. It's a little late for a new years goal, so this is just going to be a me goal challenge, but I have decided … Continue reading Decisions !


Day 2-

MY BODY HURTS! I'm basically dead on the inside, so I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. Today I had to: 30-second planks and 10 Lunges and Walk for 4 minutes, and run for 1 repeat 4 times and First love Planks weren't actually bad, I can do them without much difficult. Lunges on the … Continue reading Day 2-

Stop saying…

Is it too late now to say sorry?   YES, stop it. Sorry. I find myself wanting to say it, and saying it all the time. -- OMG I DIDN"T EVEN REALIZE I JUST TYPED SORRY UNTIL I RE-READ IT. I'm struggling.