Anxiety cont.

So I lost the battle..

I was supposed to go on vacation with my friends today. That didn’t happen.

lol this sounds much more dramatic than it is, but it sucks man. I really wanted to go. I was going to see some of my old friends, I was going to hang out, and chill and eat. I LOVE eating. But the anxiety was too much. I lost.

It sucks because I can recognize what’s happening, and I was trying to be strong and fight it? But it wasn’t any use.

It’s so FRUSTRATING because I can’t do anything about it. I mean obviously I can, but it’s so hard, and it’s tough, because I want to enjoy life and go on a spring break vacation with my friends… but I can’t.

I don’t know at some point I might warp this and say I didn’t actually have anxiety I just didn’t want to go, but once again, for the record, that is a lie.

So sending off from my bed at home instead of a train heading north, I bid thee all a great day. ✌🏽



One thought on “Anxiety cont.

  1. rob2605 says:

    Anxiety sucks but sometimes you have to accept how your feeling and give yourself some space to let it settle down again. It you beat yourself up about it and get frustrated it’ll just make it worse – at least that’s what I’ve found!

    Just try to look at it like a broken leg. Even if you really wanted to go for a run, if you had a broken leg you wouldn’t and it would be the right decision to let it heal. That’s similar to what is happening here with your mental health x


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