Shelby's 30 day challenge

Decisions !

Okay. I have found my purpose… sort of.

Because the BuzzFeed articles about the *blank* day challenges are my favorite articles from the platform. I have decided to do the same. It’s a little late for a new years goal, so this is just going to be a me goal challenge, but I have decided to do some.

As one a blogger said, “30 days is entirely doable“. Which is completely true.

I have decided to these challenges because I feel the need to do something. I have enough to do, don’t get me wrong. I just I don’t have anything fun to do. I don’t have any real personal challenges in my life.

I don’t know how to explain it. I have personal challenges, I have tasks that need to be completed, I have social requirements that I have to fulfill, as well as long term goals that I set for myself, but I don’t have any short-term goals… which is actually a great way to explain it.

I have all this motivation to do things, I just don’t have a purpose. I realized this when I was contemplating life (again) the other day. I am able to go and do all these things, but I don’t have a real need to do them. I am perfectly capable of going to the gym, in fact, I love the gym. I just- I don’t find a real need to go. I am perfectly happy with who I am and how I am. Granted I wouldn’t mind being a bit healthier (which shows through my obsessions with healthy diets lol), but I don’t have a real reason to go to the gym. I am happy as I am, so why should I?

SO! In order to fulfill this incessant need to DO something with my life, I’m setting myself up with these challenges. And as the true blogger that I am not, I will record all of my adventures!

And because there is no time like the present, I have to decide to start a 30 challenge. I might look into the smaller day challenges, but honestly, I just decided this about five minutes ago, with five minutes of research behind that, so I might some more time and research for those.

Starting Monday the 17th of April (because I need some time to plan, and other reasons), I will begin this journey that is the 30-day-challenges. As to not overwhelm myself (though I know I will get ahead of myself and want to do three different challenges at once) I will begin with only one, and I think it will be a fitness challenge, just because those are the ones that most known. But as the months go on, I will be doing different challenges. Maybe even trying one of those diets out ;).

But as of right now? I’m going to make some flyers for some things, I’m gonna do some homework, and do some planning for this mission… Also, finish my original plan of shopping, because everyone and their mother’s birthday is in, April some reason.


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