30 Day Challenge- the update

Shelby's 30 day challengeNo, I’m not going to give up on it. I haven’t even started it yet. No. What the update is about is what I’m going to be doing.

So because doing just ONE seemed kind of lame/ under achieving, I will be doing THREE, 30-day challenges (which sounds daunting and dumb but these challenges tend to focus on one area, so hence why I will be doing multiple). I have done my research, each seems pretty minimal so I think I’ll be able to manage it.  Two will be more hands-on challenges, most likely fitness challenges that go together, and the third will be a blogging challenge. However not all the time will it be a blogging on here challenge, sometimes it will be an Instagram challenge or something, which I will link you to, but it won’t always be a blogging on here challenge (it usually will be, but not always).

Now, I haven’t necessarily plotted out all of the challenges that I’ll be doing (nor will I), but I do have several favorited and pinned on Pinterest ideas that I am/will be considering doing.

For this months 30 Day Challenge, my physical challenges I will be doing this one and this one. As for the blogging challenge, I will be doing this one because why not. All three were found on Pinterest, most of the challenges will be found on Pinterest, but I am now looking on Google images so that might change. I will link all of the challenges to their original publisher, that way you all can follow along as to what I’m doing.

Now I’m off to do a press release for my class. Have a great Easter, and I’ll see y’all tomorrow for my first day of my first 30-day challenge!


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