Day 1- the start

Word of advice….


Needless to say, it was terrible.


So basically what happened today, was that I did these two (two separate links) challenges, and I’m about to do this one.

(also I totally forgot about this, so really, off to a great start)

For day 1 of the two physical challenges, I had to:

  1. Walk for 4 minutes then run for 1 minute. Repeat 3 times
    and do
  2. 10 squats and 10 crunches (which I did three times because I- I don’t know. I don’t value my life I guess)

Let me tell you.

Squats…. aren’t actually terrible/hard… in the moment. Walking back from the gym? Oh yeah, I felt those suckers. ESPECIALLY while doing stairs.

Crunches, on the other hand, BOI! are those weird. I felt like I was doing them wrong the entire time. But no. I looked on YouTube, I was doing them right.

Running, wasn’t terrible. Like I’ve said previously, I’m secretly a healthy person so I enjoyed running. Although I felt I was creating an earthquake every time my feet touched the treadmill while I was running, it was good! I can run for 1 minute without getting out of breath so I there’s something.

Now. The blogging post:

  1. Introduce yourself

Okay. Well. If you read some of my previous posts, that can give you a good idea of me… but here goes nothing.

Hey 👋

I’m Shelby, I’m a Gemini and I’m HELLA weird.

My favorite color is blue, I’m a fangirl, like hella. I read, A LOT. A lot of fanfiction, but reading nevertheless. I have read some of the classics, I just when I got to junior year of high school, Borders closed and I wasn’t about to travel an hour for a decent bookstore. So I took to free stories, and by then I was just starting off as a fangirl.

My favorite shows are all fandoms, because hello, me. Doctor who, Teen Wolf and Merlin are my tops, and Sherlock, Supernatural, all of the current DC shows except Gotham. None of the Marvel ones, but some other Netflix shows. I am starting to get into comedy shows and SURVIVOR! OMG SURVIVOR GAME CHANGERS IS MY LIFE RIGHT NOW!


I have depression (confirmed), and anxiety (not confirmed), and probably some other stuff but meh.

I have practically every social media platform (there might be a few out there that I don’t have) so if you want to follow me or whatever, just lemme know.

I am a pretty smart person, even if I don’t credit myself.  I am currently in college studying communication, and business. Don’t ask me how I got here because I wanted to study international business and be a hotel CEO.

I am the current president of my college’s Media Club, as well as tech director for the drama club on campus.

IDK what else. I’ll be 21 this year? so there’s that but yolo.

I think I’m gonna stop there because my legs hurt, and my back hurts and I still have mega stuff to do, so I hope you all had a great Monday! and I will talk to you all tomorrow ✌


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