I forgot to post- Day 3

Hullo. So as of right now it is day four, but I forgot to post when it was day three so here I am!

Today was hard… but better. It was weird. I had movement in my legs, but it still was a struggle to go down stairs. I could go up hills and up stairs but not down stairs. I don’t know. 

HOWEVER. The gym was real quick today. Just because my gym buddy was having issues and I hurt all over (sort of). So we did my challenges together today and just dipped. 

What I had to do today was:

  1. 10 squats and 15 crunches (and because I don’t value my life or my friends I made us to three sets of each)
  2. Walk for 2 minutes and run for 2 and repeat twice (which was a little bit difficult, but I digress)
  3. And talk about my parents

So the squats hurt hella but weren’t too difficult. The crunches, like the squats, were  a nuisance but manageable.

As for the running, like I said above, it was difficult. It was difficult not because I couldn’t breathe, but because I had decided to do the running first instead of the buts and guts first (like I have been doing), and after the first 2 minute run, my shins were like “you’ve done goofed”. So what I did was I walked for 2 minutes and ran for 1. I did that twice, then I walked 1 and ran for 1, then finally I walked for 2 minutes I believe and then finally ran the second 2 minute run.

It was a mission to get to the second 2 minute run, but I made it. 

As for my parents…. well they’re divorced. There’s not really much to go into, just typical divorcée’s. 

I live with my mom when I’m not in school, but when I am in school I spend weekends at my dads every couple of weeks. 

I don’t know. I love both of them very much. Though sometimes I don’t show it as much with my dad, but I’m just closer with my mom so I can show her easier? I don’t know, I’ve been bonding with my dad recently so hopefully that will change soon.

I hope you guys have a great 4/20 ✌🏽 talk to you later today

*disclaimer- I did this on my phone so sorry for grammar and spelling mistakes. A girl can only do so much*


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