Home cooking or Home faking

And once more she appears!

Hey y’all, so here I am. I don’t know how much farther in the future since my last post, but I have since graduated from college and am now living alone like a grown up. I am in a DEFINITE better head space, though still stressed. I have a laundry list of problems, both health and life wise, however, your girl has a job! so hopefully, things will start rolling. Getting doctors, starting a real savings account versus just HAVING a savings account. Basically, I’m out here getting comfortable and starting my adult life.

Now you must be wondering, “shleb, why start writing now?” Well, dear reader, like the title and the paragraph above state, I am starting my adult life, and one of those life aspects is food. Now I have an earlier post that highlights my love of food, but if you don’t believe that or haven’t been with me for that long (the two? Ish on and off years of my writing) then you can take a look at my Instagram. Where there you will see really see my love of food.

But sending you to my IG (Instagram, sorry on my mobile) isn’t why I’m writing this. I’m writing this because my friend (my very dear bestest lovely friend) ALSO has a love of food, and has her own food IG and blog. So I thought I’d try this again, especially bc I’ll definitely have more content and more time on my hands to commit to this.

It’ll be mostly about food, bc in another life I would be a nutritionist/ dietitian, but there probably will be other posts. Mainly about food though bc I like food… Even if I do have an awful habit of not following a recipe… Like at all.

As of right now, I’m just winging it with this post (here’s hoping the next one is more thought out), but my IG has a bunch of my attempts at cooking from the last month. It’s fun times. && I say attempts, sometimes they’re good attempts, sometimes not so much! Either way, I’ll find myself saying, ”well if I die, I die”. Which not really that funny, but also really hilarious. It’s a habit. I joked with my friend, that I either am a chef at heart, or have a subconscious death wish, either is likely really.

However, for now, I’m gonna sign off, because I have to make tonights dinner (which I’m thinking pasta with pesto*?? but I’m not positive yet).

Sending the warmest of vibes your way ☀️😬


*pesto from a jar for now, because buying fresh herbs is something you do when you’re stable and have the commitment to making sure those herbs don’t die on you


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