I should have a vlog

Honestly, with all the likes that I'm getting from these post (which isn't that many in reality) the idea of having a vlog sounds more and more appealing. And I don't mean this because I'm conceited and cocky or whatever, but I have been told numerous times that I should have a vlog, and I personally agree. … Continue reading I should have a vlog



So. Throughout today, and a little bit of the last couple of days, I have come to the realization that I have hella anxiety. It's not anything major like the type you see on TV, but like stuff that I don't even realize until I evaluate it. Not even that honestly...  In the moment I do … Continue reading Anxiety


Without going into details, I was blessed today in class.  I would like to publicly like to say thank you to my teacher for giving me a good grade on my paper.  (I deserved the grade, but because head stuff I didn't think I deserved it)  So thank you!